7 Top Security Features To Find In Best CRM Services

In today’s competitive business environment, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital tool for growth. It allows you to organize and streamline your business processes through a centralized database. CRM simplifies your work and helps drive business growth. It also helps you understand market demand and make the necessary product or service improvements. With CRM, you have support to navigate the challenges that may arise in your business journey.

CRM is a powerful tool, but it is important to ensure that it has effective security features. Without proper security, your customers’ data, business practices, and employment information could be at risk of being stolen by hackers. To protect yourself from cyber threats, it is essential to choose the best CRM services with strong security measures. A data breach from the CRM system can even result in a loss of revenue. Here in this blog, you can look into the top security features of CRM software and understand how to protect your cloud space.

Cloud-Based CRM

Cloud-based CRM solutions are hosted on a secure and isolated cloud by a CRM solution provider or vendor, known as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). These solutions allow you to access data remotely with a good internet connection at any time. All data in cloud-based CRM is stored in a centralized database in one place. Despite this, there is a misconception that CRM is insecure.

This misconception may make some companies hesitant to switch to cloud-based CRM, which is one of the best CRM services, that is highly secure and very beneficial for businesses. The data is secured in the following ways:

  • VPC is segmented into groups for security and management.

  • Data is secured with strict encryption and overall security measures.

  • Cloud-based CRM is easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere at any time through any device.

  • It requires no maintenance since you locally host it.

  • Every piece of data in cloud-based CRM is backed up daily.

  • Cloud-based CRM is a secure and convenient option for businesses.


When data from the cloud is accessed, it is transferred from the database to the user who needs it. This makes it easier for phishers to access the data as it moves from one place to another. It is important for the data to be encrypted with a secure password to protect against unauthorized access. If anyone within your business needs to access data from the CRM, they should have the necessary key to do so.

Encryption ensures that outsiders cannot read your data, so it is essential to make sure that your CRM has this feature for security purposes. Protecting your data with enterprise CRM solutions is crucial to ensure the security of your business.


Authentication is another important security feature that acts like a lock on all the doors to your data. Only people within the company who have permission can access the data with the key. It is easy to create verification of a person’s credentials for authentication, but it is difficult to bypass this process. This makes it harder for hackers to gain access.

There are several methods of authentication, including setting a password. However, all-in-one business solutions can offer you the latest security features for sensitive business data. One option is property-based token authentication, which uses a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip in a card. This is harder for hackers to break or duplicate for authentication. Another option is biometric passwords, such as fingerprints or voice patterns, which provide an even higher level of security for your data.

Protection With Built-in Malware

Similar to laptops and computers, there is built-in antivirus software for CRM. It is better to have a CRM with built-in antivirus to scan for threats in real-time. This is an essential security feature to look into when incorporating the best CRM services within your business. A built-in antivirus, which is constantly updated against the latest threat signatures such as virus Trojans, malware, encryption, etc., helps CRM to keep data safer than ever.

Two Step Authentication

Authentication in CRM acts as a shield for your data. Two-step authentication is even more secure because it protects your data with two strong locks that cannot be easily broken. This type of authentication helps administrators validate that only authorized users can access the CRM. By using two-step authentication, data security is greatly enhanced, and you can only share your data with those you trust. This is an important layer of protection for enterprise CRM services and your business.

Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Even with strong authentication measures in place, your business may still be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Skilled and determined hacker teams have various ways to bypass even the most secure defenses. It is important to have countermeasures in place to protect against these types of attacks. And thus, WorkerMan brings you the best CRM services for stronger security and enhanced protection.

Common attacks include overloading a server and DDoS attacks, which can slow down or stop your server’s operations and remove your web services. Data can be protected from these attacks by installing throttling features and blocking questionable IP addresses from accessing the server. IP addresses should also be subject to certain limitations to ensure security. It is vital to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

User Access Management with RBAC

RBAC is a system that controls access to resources within a company, particularly for salespeople and users of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. RBAC makes it easy to manage access to CRM resources with just a few clicks, and many CRM tools come with predefined roles for user management. Some enterprise CRM services also allow you to create custom roles to fit the specific needs of your business. Overall, RBAC helps to ensure that access to company resources is properly regulated as the business grows and evolves.

Secure Your CRM With WorkerMan

Data is a crucial aspect of any business, and even small data breaches can have serious consequences, such as the loss of customer data. To avoid these issues, it is essential to have strong security measures in place. When selecting a CRM for your business, it is important to consider the security features it offers.

These features may include one or a combination of several measures, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls. By choosing a CRM with robust security features, you can help protect your business and its data from potential threats.

WorkerMan, being an all-in-one business solution provider, offers you powerful security features that bring you ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and flexible integrations so that your business gets the ideal CRM features under one umbrella.

The effective features of CRM by WorkerMan include the following:

Get on The Cloud:

As a cloud-based CRM, WorkerMan commits you to provide continuous backup of your data so that you never miss out on any information.

Create Security Groups:

With WorkerMan, you can find different security groups in CRM that reduce the surface of attacks when someone breaches your data.

Stay on Top Of Threats:

WorkerMan is equipped with malware protection to detect and resolve advanced persistent threats, logging spoofs, etc.

Ensuring Data Protection:

At WorkerMan, we provide various software to protect your data at all levels. No matter at what level your business operates, our data protection techniques will save your data and keep them protected.

Access Through Trusted Network:

With authorized IPs, your team will work under the web of protection, and all your team members will only access data through trusted web networks.

Final Words…

At WorkerMan, we understand what it means to get your network or data hacked. So, we offer maximum web protection to our clients so that they can avail of the best CRM services and work efficiently and carefreely. All our security applications and features are tailor-made to support the business environment. Different sets of security features are provided to businesses, depending upon the nature of the business and the size of exposure.

If you run a business and want to avail a secured CRM for quick output and a secured delivery at the same time, look no further than WorkerMan, the all-time enterprise growth partner.

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