Common Eye Injuries In Syracuse Car Accidents

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of one’s body and are often vulnerable to severe injuries. Therefore during a collision, eye injuries might prove fatal, leaving the injured at risk of losing vision. However, damages might occur in one or both eyes following a car crash. The reasons behind eye injuries are varied, which are mentioned below in detail. But before moving further, one needs to consult a car accident lawyer in Syracuse

 along with seeking immediate medical attention. 

Frequent Cause Of Eye Injury In Car Accidents:

There can be various reasons behind eye injuries caused due to car accidents. Some common scenarios are mentioned below:  

  • As a result of striking against a hard object like the dashboard or the steering wheel.
  • Any flying debris that got stuck in the eye of the victim.
  • Pieces of broken glass got stuck near the victim’s eye.
  • Intense shaking at the time of the crash might negatively impact the look.
  • Head injuries affecting the vision of the victim

Common Eye Injuries That Need Immediate Medical Attention:

Corneal Abrasions: 

Corneal aberration occurs when flying debris or any other object lacerates the injured’s outer layer of the eye. Such a situation needs an immediate medical operation.

Orbital Fractures: 

When the eye socket gets fractured or cracked due to an accident, it is considered an orbital fracture. Such injuries are generally caused as a result of striking with a hard object, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, or the deployment of an airbag. 

Eye Lacerations:

It is common during any accident that pieces of metal, glass, or other sharp objects that fly sound might get stuck inside the eye and makes a deep cut. This often results in permanent blindness. 

Retinal Detachment: 

Retinal detachments are considered to be one of the most severe types of eye injuries. This type of injury is common when the head is suddenly banged against a hard object or violently shaken due to the crash, where the retina present behind the eyes gets detached. If no immediate treatment is provided, such injuries result in permanent vision loss.

Final Thoughts:

If one witnesses the symptoms of eye injury following an accident, such as dizziness, sudden blurry vision, or headache, immediate medical attention is necessary. Consider consulting an attorney afterward to initiate an insurance claim or file a lawsuit considering the severity of the case and the insurance provider’s decision.


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